The African Cultural Film Festival, popularly known as AFFRICUFF, is a vibrant showcase of African cinema presented annually to feature diverse perspectives and stories from across the continent.

It is aimed at honoring cultural richness and artistic expression. This festival highlights the dynamic and evolving landscape of Africa and films from other parts of the world that are rich in cultural content. We celebrate the power of storytelling, not just in African stories but also in the beautiful cultures of the world. AFFRICUFF is widely considered to be Africa’s most important film event that focuses on and celebrates cultural richness and artistic expression.

The Africa Cultural Film Festival (AFFRICUFF) has a wider scope which is expanding its reach beyond the African continent to showcase films from diverse cultures worldwide. With a focus on promoting cultural richness and artistic expression, AFFRICUFF is set to captivate and educate a global audience. We achieve our goals through the following ways:

Curating a Diverse Film Selection
AFFRICUFF meticulously curates a wide range of films that represent different cultures and artistic perspectives. From thought-provoking documentaries to stunning narratives, shorts and feature films, the festival’s selection committee seeks out films that authentically capture the essence of cultural traditions, values, and stories. By embracing films from various regions, AFFRICUFF provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their unique cultural experiences to a global audience.

Encouraging Filmmakers’ Cultural Narratives
AFFRICUFF actively encourages filmmakers to delve into their cultural heritage and express it through their films. By providing a space for these narratives, the festival cultivates a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultural backgrounds of filmmakers worldwide. Through their works, filmmakers have the opportunity to challenge stereotypes, celebrate traditions, and explore the complexities of their respective cultures.

Hosting Cultural Exchanges and Discussions
In addition to film screenings, AFFRICUFF organizes cultural exchanges and discussions that foster dialogue and engagement among filmmakers, industry professionals, and the audience. These interactions provide a unique opportunity for participants to delve deeper into the cultural aspects depicted in the films. Through panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, AFFRICUFF encourages a vibrant exchange of ideas and promotes a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity.

Collaboration with International Partners
AFFRICUFF actively collaborates with international partners, including film festivals, cultural organizations, and educational institutions. By forging these partnerships, the festival extends its reach and facilitates the exchange of cultural films on a global scale. Through joint programming and cross-promotion, AFFRICUFF leverages the strengths and resources of its partners to amplify the impact of cultural films and expand its reach to a wider audience.


To promote cultural richness, artistic expression, and diverse perspectives through the power of film, by showcasing a wide selection of films from around the world that authentically capture the essence of cultural traditions, values, and stories.


Our vision is to be a global black and proud platform celebrating the African culture through films, telling its own stories, exalting the values that sets us apart, challenging the stereotypes, and opening the windows of deeper understanding into the richness of our Cultural heritage.