AFRICUFF announces The Blessing Egbe annual award for Best Screenplay

Blessing Egbe is a writer, producer, and director. A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars). She is a talented powerhouse who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian Film industry.

Her most popular Work {LEKKI WIVES}, a 78-part series which she solely wrote produced and directed remains a title to reference when talking about content that shaped Nollywood’s production landscape.
Blessing holds a certificate in screen writing from Cape Town’s City Varsity multimedia school. She is a University of Calabar Theatre Arts graduate and holds a master’s degree in film with practice from the University of Kent.
Blessing was a talent at the 2008 Berlinale Talent Campus which was held in South Africa.
From her first screenplay BEFOR THE VOW in 2005 to her current 6-part limited series (LEKKI WIVES THE REUNION), Blessing has made her mark as a filmmaker with an excellent flare for storytelling. Her numerous honors and nominations prove this.

“CHIDINMA”, a story on migration through Fake marriage which Blessing wrote as part of her master’s in film Thesis submission earned her an honourable mention at the 2021 London seasonal short film festival. The short film also made the official selection list of the International Migration and Environmental Film Festival.
For her expositive writing on street urchins as victims of trafficking in the 2021 feature ‘COAT OF ALMS’, Blessing made the official selection list for the Abuja International Film Festival, The Best of Nollywood awards, The Detroit Black Film Festival, and the Flow festival and film market in Florida.

‘THE WOMEN’ a 2018 drama Blessing wrote, won The Best Screenplay at The Best of Nollywood awards. She was also nominated for Best Screenplay in the Africa Movie Academy awards, an official selection for the British council sponsored Africa in Motion Film Festival in Scotland, an official selection at the festival International du Film Pan African de Cannes in Paris, an official selection for the Nollywood Travel Film Festival in Germany, an official selection at the Eko international film festival in Nigeria, the winner of Best indigenous movie at the Abuja international film festival in Nigeria, A Semi-finalist at the Caribbean film festival & market.
In Blessing’s 2016 feature ‘ONE ROOM’, she wrote about the power of the tongue and secured a nomination in the 2016 Exquisite Lady of The Year Awards.

IQUO’S JOURNAL, her 2015 story on HIV and the need for a positive outlook when living with the disease secured her a nomination for Best Writer at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards. For Lekki wives, she received the 2014 Best of Nollywood winning the prize for Best TV drama series. In 2012 Blessing won Best Screenplay for her writing in TWO BRIDES and A BABY. A film that earned her screenplay nominations within the 23 nominations received across award bodies such as The Best of Nollywood, The Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, and The Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Blessing has also written 25 episodes of The Marriage Counsellor Series, 30 out of 50 Episodes of She Drives Me Nuts! and all 50 episodes of This Thing Called Marriage Series.
Africuff indeed is proud to engage in this partnership.